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[55 - H. Light Range] [Recode - 07] Write down the existing coding for future reference. Enter 5-digit code from below [Do It!] available codes: 00001 - Golf 2 wheel drive 00002 - Golf 4 wheel drive 00003 - Jetta/Bora 2 wheel drive 00004 - Jetta/Bora 4 wheel drive. Headlamp Adjustment: [Select] [55 - H. Light Range] [Basic Settings - 04] Set ...

I would recommend that you read Chevrolet airbag codes yourself. There is not way that I know that you can do that without a scanner. The cheapest scanners that you can get to read and clear Chevrolet and GM airbag light are in the $99-$150. Worth the investment since they also can diangse ABS, transmission and engine problems.
This not-for-profit website is intended to provide information about the Takata airbag recalls and other automotive safety recalls conducted under the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966.
Hi I fitted a parrot bluetooth kit to my octavia the other day and have had the airbag light on ever since. I have done a bit of googling and it looks as though I must have had the ignition on when I disconnected the airbag switch in the glove box. I have used VAG COM in the past to reset nuisanc...
Main; ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Vw Jetta Abs Module Repair Yourself; Vw Jetta Abs Module Repair Yourself
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Regarding the airbag light, it sounds like you need it reset with the VAG cable/tool thing (VCDS). Search on here and you might find a Briskoda member who could help you out hooefully. Good luck with it. Dave. Edited to add: 2 mins too slow
An airbag light means that something is wrong with your supplemental restraint system, or SRS. The SRS warning may arise due to a faulty seat belt switch, a defective crash sensor, or a damaged clock spring. There is no reason to panic, as it is quite simple to turn off the airbag light. First, you should bring your car to a local automotive ...
If the airbag light is on in your VAG group vehicle and you've scanned the airbag control module which has revealed the airbag fault code 65535 which will be accompanied by a fault code definition like 'internal module memory error' or 'ecu defective' then this obviously signifies that the airbag control module is defective.
Indicator Light The S (Sports) indicator light will come on when the "Sports" switch on the shift lever is pushed. See page 77. NOTE: The S indicator light in the instrument panel also serves a second function. If the light flashes while driving (in any gear range) it indicates a possible malfunction in the transmission; avoid rapid
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Without nameplate set (without model designation), but with emblem 0QB 0QC Nameplate set "TDI 4MOTION", "I" with special color trim 0QD Without engine designation or nameplate set, but with emblem 0QE Nameplate set "1.6" 0QF 0QG Nameplate set "20V" 0QH Nameplate set GTS 0QJ Nameplate set "1.8 T" (T in red) 0QK Nameplate set "1.4" 0QL Nameplate ...
Hi and thanks for reading- The former owner had changed all seats in my 2003 SS Silverado. I took the 2003 SS into the dealership because of the Service Air Bag message on the dash, and the little air bag icon was on as well. The dealer said I need a new $800 air bag module. I wasnt convinced tha...
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1st thing I put it on was my 2002 Mini-Van that has had that airbag light on for several years now. Within seconds it pulled up the codes for the airbags, it was a code for an open circuit to the passenger side airbag. I had cleaned that connector at least 3 times over the years, and the light goes out when temps are below freezing.
These tried and tested resistors remove the airbag light in the Mk4 Chassis cars (Cupra, Golf, TT, S3 etc) They will allow the airbag light on the dash to go off, ensuring the airbags elsewhere are working. With the light on the dash the whole system is disabled, its also an MOT failure with the light on. Simply install as per the photos above.
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The OTC 3111 Pro Scan. This page is about air bag problems that turn on the dash warning lamp. It has nothing to do with the Takata recall. However, I do link to the entire list of recalled vehicles in the common cause for air bag lights section below.Another warning indicator you see on a dashboard is the dreaded air bag light.
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had it scanned last night and this code showed up: 01738 - Crash Sensor for Front Airbag; Drivers Side (G283) 012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit - MIL ON. not sure where to start looking. i thought i could use the TSB that is for the side airbag igniter, but i'm afraid this is a separate issue.