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Thus, many of us do fluid dump and adds. You dump the contents of the tranny pan, which is usually around 4.5 quarts. Then refill with the same amount of maxlife ATF, which is Dex VI. Its cheap at walmart - $18 for a gallon. Get 2 and do this once a year. I have done it 3x so far starting at like 75K and each time it is black as all hell.

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Jun 02, 2021 · Product Overview. Keep your hydraulics running strong. This Power care 1 gal. Premium Hydraulic Oil is ideal for log splitters, automotive pumps and hydraulic pumps. It is ISO 32 and contains anti-wear technology for better performance. For log splitters, automotive pumps and hydraulic pumps. Universal for use in hydrostatic transmissions. ISO 32.
View on Vehicle. $54.99. Mobil ATF+4 Automatic Transmission Fluid boasts excellent flow properties at low start-up temperatures and high operating temperatures. Improved shift performance and vehicle drivability and improved shudder performance in Chrysler vehicles. Excellent oxidation stability, less fluid breakdown in high-temperature service.
NOTE: ATF+4® MUST always be used in vehicles that were originally filled with ATF+4®. ATF+4® is compatible with ATF+3 and can be used to top off vehicles that currently have ATF+2 or ATF+3. DO NOT use ATF+2 or ATF+3 to top off vehicles that have ATF+4® fluid. Benefits: Better anti-wear properties Improved rust/corrosion prevention Controls ...
Remember we are talking Walmart not a Dollar Store. If Walmart sells some Supertech ATF+4 you can bet their buyers beat the oil companies up to find the one who would sell them the ATF+4 spec'ed product at the cheapest price. Thats the way Walmart works.
I changed all the other fluids around 16,000 using Mobil1 75W90 in the differentials and Walmart ATF+4 in the trans. The only shocker was the BW44-44 for the transfer case. It definitely isn't the same as ATF+4, and I couldn't find it anywhere but the dealer. It was $27.00 a quart!
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Dec 11, 2004 · AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID is suitable for North American and import cars, trucks and other commercial, industrial equipment specifying GM Dexron* III, Dexron* IIE, Dexron*II, Dexron* Type A, Suffix A or Ford Mercon**, Type CJ, Type H. Meets the requirements for Allison C-3/C-4 and CAT TO-2.
At $26.37 per gallon for a three-gallon cooling system, and $127.60 for labor, the estimate adds up to $206.71 for the coolant flush. The Serpentine Belt Could Use A Change: $192.02 Illustration ...
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My advice: Don't do it. ATF+4 only. There aren't many posts on the subject anymore, but a few years ago, there were frequent posts about actual transmission shops using a "universal" fluid that specifically claimed to be suitable for ATF+4 applications, and people would have problems right away, which would clear up as soon as they flushed it and went with ATF+4.
Red Line Oil 30505 D4 (ATF) Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1 Gallon. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (14) 14 product ratings - Red Line Oil 30505 D4 (ATF) Automatic Transmission Fluid - 1 Gallon. $50.96. Free shipping. 67 sold. 28 new & refurbished from $47.48.
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Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF DW-1)[08200-9008] Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF DW-1) $6.03. MSRP:$8.2. Click to enlarge. Part number: Fits: All Honda Models. Automatic Transmission Fluid performance benefits. Meets Honda quality standards.
13,716. Location. Buffalo, NY. Nov 21, 2009. #18. Originally Posted By: caravanmike. atf+4 is hard to find by the gallon. but cheapest price in quarts is walmart at $3.77. mike. Right on. I doubt you'll beat ~$15/gal for a ATF +4 unless you can find Maxlife, Castrol or mail-order Amalie cheaper.
Apr 10, 2018 · ATF +3 or +4 is usually the go-to. My '98 says it can accept Dexron II as well. Take a peek at your tranny dipstick. It should give you the fluid type right on it. Additionally, be glad you XJ guys have a drain bung- Grand Cherokees don't, unless you either buy an aftermarket pan with one or buy a drain plug kit.
Amsoil's OE Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Automatic Transmission fluid meets ATF+4 specs. Did you check it out? If you are a preferred customer, you receive 20 - 25% off MSRP. Also, they have gallon jugs available. Amsoil OE Multi ATF EDIT: This is link below is the Signature Series. It's compatible as well but more expensive.
16. $5.42. $5.42. was $6.43. $6.43. 2-day delivery. Shop Now. Valvoline ATF+4 is a full-synthetic transmission fluid specifically engineered to protect and prolong the life of (FCA) Fiat Chrysler automatic transmissions. It is officially licensed and approved by FCA and is fully back-serviceable and can be used wherever ATF+3, ATF+2 or ATF+ is ...
G56 Transmission Fluid G56 Transmission for Sale . 2 hours ago Show details . G-56 Transmission Fluid The G56 Transmission has only two specified fluids in the US. 1). The first specified fluid for the G56 in the Dodge Ram and Ram trucks is specified by Chrysler/Dodge/Ram. This fluid is ATF+4. Dodge specifies only 5 quarts of ATF+4 in the transmission, not 6 quarts as many say.